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Oral Lore

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“Ze is koud,
Ze is van ijs.”


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Refrac­tions aims at bend­ing ideas,
dis­sect­ing real­ity to evoke emo­tion.

As light moves through a prism and breaks apart in a kalei­do­scope of col­ors, so too can ideas, emo­tions and con­cepts morph when they move through the medium of film. Refrac­tions aims at bend­ing ideas, dis­sect­ing real­ity to evoke emo­tion in the audience.

After switch­ing from a film-science major at the uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam to Cul­tural Anthro­pol­ogy at the uni­ver­sity of Utrecht, I’ve been steadily increas­ing my involve­ment in prac­ti­cal filmmaking.

This resulted in a cou­ple of fun stu­dent projects but when I did my mas­ters research in the Pales­tin­ian West Bank area I decided to pro­duce a fea­ture length doc­u­men­tary, called ‘Beyond the Wall’, explor­ing the sto­ries of reg­u­lar Pales­tin­ian youth liv­ing in Beth­le­hem, aim­ing to cap­ture their daily lives with­out dis­pro­por­tion­ally focussing on the con­flict and occupation.

After grad­u­at­ing I landed a job at the Crit­i­cal Mass Foun­da­tion where I worked for over two years in the area of edu­ca­tion. Through this job I got oppor­tu­ni­ties to develop a num­ber of really cool audio­vi­sual pro­duc­tions vary­ing from short doc­u­men­taries to inter­ac­tive gam­ing experiences.

As my focus shifted more and more towards film pro­duc­tion I detached myself from the foun­da­tion and became a free­lance film­maker in 2011. Thus Refrac­tions started. Since then I have explored both artis­tic and edu­ca­tional pro­duc­tions. Look­ing at my port­fo­lio you can see a mix­ture of these. Music videos, pro­mo­tional videos, exper­i­men­tal shorts and documentaries.

As of now Refrac­tions has grown into a one-man pro­duc­tion­house where the focus lies on exper­i­men­ta­tion, cre­ativ­ity and nar­ra­tive. I aim to find a story and a unique atmos­phere in every­thing from a short pro­mo­tional film to full fledged productions.

Reinout van Schie

Cul­tural Anthro­pol­o­gist, Free­lance Filmmaker.

“Lovers are like liv­ing stat­ues with no movement”

Juicy Jones


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